About the Developer

CRDG  is a team of seasoned real estate resort development professionals, investors, asset managers and operators living and operating in Costa Rica with decades of experience and a visionary passion for Costa Rica, its great natural beauty and its vibrant culture. This team has dedication and professional enthusiasm for the tremendous potential that lies ahead and that confidence is expressed in the well-considered details of the exceptional master-planned communities and resorts they are building in Costa Rica. The mission of CRDG is to utilize intelligent and responsible development practices in building innovative resort communities and tourism destinations focused on the Costa Rican Pacific Gold Coast. It is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the extraordinary natural environments that distinguish their properties while creating enduring and beautiful communities which are legacy investments for those who become part of them.

CRDG utilizes key leaders across its Executive, Development, Financial & Operations teams in order to guide projects through the process of planning, building and operating. Projects benefit from CR Development Group’s years of successfully hiring great people, managing large projects and working within Costa Rica. The current team has decades of combined experience and results. Since 2005, they have been focused on working specifically in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.